About Sauna360 Inc.

Sauna360 Inc. (previously TyloHelo Inc.) is part of Sauna360, a world leader in the sauna and steam industry, with a history dating back to 1919 when the company was established in Wyborg, Finland. September 2019 we celebrated 100 years of providing wellness and health through innovation in heaters and sauna design to sauna enthusiasts around the world.

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We are Proud to be Located in Cokato, Minnesota

Sauna360 Inc. was founded in September 14, 1984 in Cokato, Minnesota. Cokato is an ideal home for us to grow as a company, from the rich Scandinavian history, great workforce and supportive community. 

We Help People to Live Better

We know saunas and steam are a vital part of healthy living. So, we help people live better by creating traditional Nordic sauna, steam and infrared wellness experiences for a modern lifestyle.

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Innovation is Important to Us

Innovation is an important part of our offering. Intuitive fine tuning of the sauna and steam experience is as essential as the build quality of our products. We continue to trailblaze the sauna and steam industry and add new dimensions in modern health and wellness solutions. We are proud to have introduced many firsts, including North America’s first sauna control (the SaunaLogic2 Control) and the first infrared sauna control (InfraLogic2) with true worldwide mobile functionality, and our Blackline heaters with BioWater Technique, which is the only multilayered sauna experience on the market. 

Meet Our Management Team


Pekka Lettijef


Pekka Lettijeff is the CEO of Sauna360 Group. Before taking the reigns in December 2018, he operated as advisor to the board in a number of industrial companies all over Europe, one of which was Sauna360 Group, during their restructuring of the organization in 2017-2018. At this time, he was introduced to, and developed a passion for sauna and its restorative properties for both body and mind. 

“My personal favorite is steambathing and IR. I find it extremely rewarding to spend time with family or friends in the sauna, having long discussions and exchanging thoughts and ideas while the sense of being totally relaxed kicks in.” 


Mark Raisanen

Director of Sales & Marketing

Mark Raisanen is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Sauna360 Inc. Mark has been part of the sauna culture since he was a child and part of the sauna industry (full-time) for 29 years. During his early years with the company, Mark relished meeting the dealers in their showrooms and learning the Swimming Pool, Hot Tub and Sauna business first-hand in the field.  He has especially liked the transformation of saunas being a square box in the corner of a basement into beautiful, multiple wood-tone, low-voltage-lit design masterpieces with the ability for sound and multiple facets of climate. 

“My enjoyment of sauna has risen to an even higher level in the past 18 months, with the invention and safety listing of our truly global-ready sauna app for the phone—the SaunaLogic2.  My kids and I sauna even more than before due to this simple yet sauna-changing-invention,” comments Mark.  He takes pride in being part of an industry that was at one time not even on the radar of most American’s to now becoming a must-have for health, relaxation, and wellness.  He has also cherished trips back to the parent factory and to be able to experience sauna bathing many times at its birthplace, Finland.


Tracy Felder

Director of Strategy and R&D

Tracy Felder, the Director of Strategy and R&D, has been with the company nearly 20 years. Prior to Strategy and R&D, Felder previously led Technical Support and Product Development for sauna in conjunction with our sister company in Finland since 2000 and Sweden since 2011. Tracy has also been a key player in product development of the IR program since 2007. Tracy recently moved into the Operations role in January of 2021. Tracy is a board member of the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Standards Technical Panel (STP) for UL 875 Dry Bath Standard for sauna and has been a member for nearly 15 years. This board guides US sauna standards.

"I was new to the sauna industry when joining the company. Since putting a sauna in my house in 2001 it has become Roxanne's (my wife) and my favorite place to have quiet time to talk and connect after busy days," states Tracy.


Glenn Janckila

Product Engineering Manager

Glenn Janckila is Product Engineering Manager at Sauna360 Inc. Glenn leads product development for all three TyloHelo electrical product lines: sauna heaters & controls; infrared heating systems and steam generators & controls. Additionally, Glenn has responsibility in manufacturing engineering and quality control.

Glenn said, “Saunas have been a part of my family’s lifestyle my entire life—so working with the sauna industry leader, Sauna360, is particularly enjoyable for me. Being able to end the day with a relaxing sauna with my wife, Britta, is truly a blessing. In addition, a great passion of mine is weekly “sauna night” with many of my friends which always contributes to great camaraderie/fellowship!” 


Diane Coles


Diane Coles is Controller at Sauna360 Inc. and is responsible for managerial accounting, and finance activities, including analyzing and controlling the company's accounting and financial records. She has been with the company 18 years. Diane also leads the company's "Fun Committee", organizing monthly all-employee luncheons and events—doing all she can to make Sauna360 Inc. a fun place to work. Diane and her husband, Jim, enjoy using their Finnleo sauna for relaxation.

Diane said, "Coming from a large corporation to the family-oriented Sauna360 has been a real joy. I like being able to personally interact with our entire team."

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